Rites of Dionysus


In ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics told stories through pictures and symbols. They were in essence the first comic books. Through human history, sacred art has depicted tales of mythological heroes and otherworldly realms through pictures. Comic books seem to fill this need for the modern mind. Superheroes act as gods for our times.

My four-part series, Rites of Dionysus, tells the story of Isaac, a wandering soul who blossoms into spiritual realization within the post-apocalyptic rave culture. He encounters the full spectrum of light and shadow in this complex culture. The series explores difficult, controversial themes through humor and vibrant characters.

This is a ruthlessly radical, intense and sexy story. Political, religious and social issues are encountered vividly and unabashedly.

Rites of Dionysus is about finding hope in the bleakest of times. It is about people who are artists, who create masterpieces with very little to work with, who find the wonder in the scraps of garbage and make them into beautiful altars.

Dionysus is not just a nature deity but he is a feral deity. He embodies the act of returning from civilization to nature. That is the transition that we are making now: from a world that isn’t working because it is disconnected form it’s source, back to a world of vibrantly alive nature and wildness. Dionysus is about giving in to your animal self and embracing your primal knowing.

There is so much destruction in this world. The only medicine for a world this sick with destruction is creation. Art is creation. Art is medicine.

That is what these characters realize. They must either choose death or choose life. The path to life is the path of an artist. That is what will save our planet.

They dance ecstatically to the rhythm of a pagan drum. A rhythm that still beats within the electronic frequencies of our dystopian age. They are free, they are wild and unstoppable, for they know that death is the only alternative. Through this ecstatic awakening they dismantle patriarchy and dance forward into bliss. With this knowledge comes a colorful silliness and playfulness that causes old paradigms of religion and politics to malfunction and shut down. A chaotic clownyness is unleashed upon the earth with Dionysus the leader of this ridiculous carnival of freaks. The antidote to a dismal, hopeless culture is laughter, sex, dance, music! How profound, how simple. You knew that all along, didn’t you?

act 1 cover
Act One: Whatever’s Clever was released on October 31, 2013.

Act Two: Datura Detour was released on October 31, 2015.

Act Three: Awesome Possum is in the works!